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Piano Lesson Made Easy Level 1

Editor/Author: Lina Ng
Instrument: Piano
Category: Method
Publisher: Rhythm MP
Order No.: MPP-4002-01
Bar Code: 9 556811 100664
ISBN-10: 967-985-361-6
ISBN-13: 978 967985361 2
Total Pages: 56
Weight: 240g
Book Size: 225mm X 300mm
Binding: Limp Bound (limp thread sewn)
Series: Made Easy
Description: The piano lesson series consist of captivating illustrations & popular tunes which will encourage & stimulate a child's musical interest & imagination.

Mary Had a Little Lamb
Westminster Chimes
Jala - Jala Ikan
London Bridge
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Ode To Joy - Ludwig van Beethoven (1770-1827)
Ker Ren Lai
Good Morning
Lightly Row
Telefon Ku
French Child's Song - Franz Behr
In May - Franz Behr
The Saints
Here We Are
Old MacDonald
Yankee Doodle
Mulberry Bush
Chan Mali Chan
Row Row Row Your Boat
Daisy Belle
Red River Valley
On Top Of Old Smoky
Easy Waltz
Jingle Bells
Banks Of The Ohio
Ten Little Indians
This Old Man
Merry Christmas
Clementine - P. Montrose

Let's apply C and G chord to the improvised melody of Mary Had a Little Lamb. In the video clip below, two young students play this together. One plays the chords in Alberti bass accompaniment, while the other plays the improvised melody.

Taken from YMSD Improvisation Workshop 3

Learn to play a song in more than one way!
Some of the ways include interval, two-note chords, triad, off beats, swing, arpeggio, alberti bass, scale, waltz, echo, chromatic, canon, descending bass line, counterpoint, embellishments, etc.
  • Perform the variations on a song
  • Listen to the variations
  • Analyse musical ideas
  • Your assignment is to re-arrange the piece or to apply to your favourite song
For variations on a song try Piano Theory in Practice Made Easy.

♫ Really putting theory into practice.
Composing ideas/tips: Composing Made Easy
Games: Kid’s Percussion Band Workshop, A Need To Perform
Events: Music Jamboree


Be A Young Composer

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For variations on a song try Piano Theory in Practice Made Easy.