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The ART of Teaching

The ART of Teaching (AoT)
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Author/Composer: Alice Chua
Format: Tutorial
Instrument: Piano
Genre: Educational
Publisher: Rhythm MP
Item Code: MPP-4003
Bar Code: 9 789679 856798
ISBN-10: 9679856798
ISBN-13: 9789679856798
Total Pages: 320 (64 pages of AoT + 256 pages of PpiF pieces)
Weight: 1,550g (in a box file approx. 245x320x35mm)
Book Size: 225mm x 300mm (paperback)
Binding: Staple Bound (2 wire saddle stitch stapler)
Series: Playing Piano is Fun (PpiF)
Click on PpiF and AoT by Alice Chua - YouTube

Description: The ART of Teaching (AoT) is written in a methodical and musical approach bursting with ‘colours’. The ‘colours’: theory, practical, aural training, composing, improvising and transposing studies make up a musical palette. These ‘colours’ blend together and enhance the students’ musical adventures making it educational yet wholesome and exciting. In addition to the teaching aspect, the teachers can enjoy the ride along with the students on the thrilling musical journey with characters from Lewis Carroll’s ‘Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland’ and ‘Through the Looking Glass’.

With the guidance of AoT, your students are ready to prepare the Grade One music theory and piano practical examination syllabus. Read each examination board syllabus carefully as there are different tasks and criteria requirements. Have fun enjoying the ‘colours’ on your musical palette!

♫ ♫ ♫

The ART of Teaching (AoT) is written specially for teachers who are teaching beginners. It is written in simple instruction and AoT is very much suited to be used alongside all piano tutor books and graded syllabus as teaching music elements are applicable to all piano tutor books.

Bring smiles and laughter in your lessons. It is always a joy to learn piano in a fun way. Have fun!

♫ ♫ ♫

About the Author

Alice is a passionate and enthusiastic musician, a versatile arranger, composer and music author. To this date, she has written many music books, used extensively in Asia and the United Kingdom. She is also an examiner with the London College of Music.

Whilst living in Malaysia and Singapore, Alice was Chief Music Instructor for Yamaha Music Asia. She opened new music schools in Singapore, Malaysia and Myanmar, and started music programs for preschoolers in Indonesia. This involved training teachers and designing music curricula suited specifically for each country. She frequently represented Malaysia in various international conferences hosted by Yamaha Music Foundation.

Now residing in London with her daughter, Alice divides her time between sharing her love of music with her students and invigilating examinations and competitions in Europe and the Far East. She believes that music should be played from memory, so that every child has the confidence to perform in any environment at any time, without needing to rely on a score. When children can express themselves freely in this way, it develops their ability to immediately engage their audience, and to derive from the music a personal sense of enjoyment.
Many of us, teachers are doing our best: engrossed in teaching students to read notes and play the piano tutor and examination books in the weekly lesson schedule. If we follow the traditional teaching/learning lesson, we are left with little or no time to develop our students’ MUSICIANSHIP further. There is more than playing piano tutor series and examination syllabus. Let us be that ‘special’ teacher to share more, teach more.The ART of Teaching by Alice Chua

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