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Inspirations (Winners' Musical Moments for Pianists)
» 10 Piano Solos inspired by Jasmine Ng’s beautiful art impressions featured in Classic Musical Moments Grade 5
Listen to the Musical Moments on SoundCloud
Editor: Helen Yeo
Art: Jasmine Ng
Category: Repertoire
Publisher: Rhythm MP
Order No.: MPB-1027-5A
Bar Code: 9 789679 856729
ISBN-10: 967-985-672-0
ISBN-13: 978 967985672 9
Total Pages: 32
Weight: 160g
Book Size: 225mm X 300mm
Binding: Staple Bound (2 wire saddle stitch stapler)
Series: Musical Moments
Description: This book showcases the works of ten young composers, chosen winners of composition project inspired by Jasmine Ng's works of art featured in Classic Musical Moments Grade 5. This project is aimed at inspiring compositional creativity by creating a connection with pictures and music. The winners are chosen for their ability in expressing their insightful looks at the pictures and channelling it through their music, regardless of any musical genre. It is our hope that you will enjoy playing their youthful, fresh and exuberant musical creations.

  1. Caris A. Pollock's Busy Jumpy Mornings (Inspired by Jasmine Ng's Impression of Humoresque) ♫ Listen
  2. Ronan Leong's Only Love (Inspired by Jasmine Ng's Impression of Serenade) ♫ Listen
  3. Ashling Ng's Moody Waters (Jasmine Ng's Impression of Fantaisie-Impromptu, Moderato Cantabile) ♫ Listen
  4. Chang Pey Ming's Bumpy Bridge (Inspired by Jasmine Ng's Impression of Humoresque) ♫ Listen
  5. R. Vincenzo K. de Leon's Song for Her (Inspired by Jasmine Ng's Impression of Serenade) ♫ Listen
  6. Moe Maeno's Swirling Petals (Inspired by Jasmine Ng's Impression of Habanera) ♫ Listen
  7. Jeremy Ng's Black and White (Inspired by Jasmine Ng's Impression of Humoresque) ♫ Listen
  8. Joshua Tan's Flowers After Winter (Inspired by Jasmine Ng's Impression of Serenade) ♫ Listen
  9. Gabriel L. K. de Leon's The Nights of Jolly (Inspired by Jasmine Ng's Impression of Humoresque) ♫ Listen
  10. Joshua Lau's Journey Through the Rain (Inspired by Jasmine Ng's Impression of The Flight of the Bumblebee) ♫ Listen
  11. 🏆 Joshua Lau, the GRAND WINNER of The 5th Steinway South-East Asia Pacific Regional Finals and he will be representing South-East Asia Pacific/Malaysia to The 19th Steinway Festival in Hamburg, Germany.
    🏆 Joshua Lau Jin Quan | First Prize Winner, Piano Senior Category of National Piano & Violin Competition 2021

Get Ready for the next submission and best compositions will be chosen for publication! Click here for Sneak Peek: Jasmine Ng's impression of Paganini's Caprice No. 24 in A minor (Theme) in Classic Musical Moments with Theory in Practice Grade 4 • MPB-1027-04

Do not straightaway Google song sheets for your favourite songs. Try to DIY. Reach out with your musical sense and play out the melody. Use chord progression to add accompaniment to the melody. Decorate the tune with catchy ornaments. The song will be more meaningful with your own personal touch. - Helen Yeo, Musical Moments


Music is, first and foremost, an art. A multi-dimensional art that is shaded by tonal colors. Music is how a picture sounds like.

This book showcases the works of ten young composers, chosen winners of the composition project inspired by Jasmine Ng’s beautiful art impressions featured in Classic Musical Moments Grade 5. This project is aimed at encouraging compositional creativity by creating a connection between pictures and music.

The winners are chosen for their ability in expressing their insightful looks at the pictures of their choice, and channeling it through their music to create a picture/music connection.

The results are beyond our expectations. These young musicians bring fresh ideas. They experimented with their favored musical genres, used interesting harmonies with commendable melodic lines and arrangements. In short, they brought in their own brand of music, branched out from Jasmine’s pictures, and created their own musical pictures & stories in the process. It is our hope that you will enjoy playing their youthful, exuberant and creative works as much as we do.

I’d like to say a big thank you to everyone who has participated in this composition project. The willingness to try makes you all winners. I encourage you to keep composing and experimenting. Don’t be afraid to try to think out of the box.

And finally, my heartfelt congratulations to you, whose works are selected for publishing in this book. Well done indeed!

Helen Yeo (editor)
Music Educator | Arranger | Composer
Author: The PROUD little note and the Musical Moments series

♫ ♫ ♫

Music and art have always been my passion and a part of my life. I carried my love for art in university through studying and creating moving images, and graduated in Film and Animation. Being involved in post-production and visual effects in advertising and broadcasting has given me a deeper understanding of creating and bringing the best out of images through composition and details. It has also given me an understanding of the importance of music soundtrack in a film or animation.

I was delighted when Helen approached me to illustrate her book, Classic Musical Moments Grade 5, based on my impressions of the five classical songs. It was a wonderful opportunity to combine both my love for art and music into a single creation. While Helen worked on the music, I did my best to collaborate with images. She was a great motivator throughout the process, and I really enjoyed working on all the 5 pieces of art.

Later, when she told me the pictures were going to be part of a composition project, I felt truly honoured and overwhelmed. It was an emotional moment for me to see and listen to the amazing pieces composed by the participants. They remind me once again of the power and beauty of music and art. These young composers have expressed their emotions into amazing tunes, and they have inspired me all over again to indulge myself more into my art and music.

I cannot wait to share their works with everyone, and I hope you will find their compositions as inspiring as I have.

Jasmine Ng
Graphic Artist | Illustrator

♫ ♫ ♫

To young MY composers:

I am very honored and very proud to have the opportunity to listen to some very impressive and beautiful compositions.

It is evident that you have approached your composition with confidence. The rhythmic and melodic interests have been properly considered. You have ventured to use interesting musical ideas.

A composition is NEVER right or wrong. You, as a composer, knows well of your intention. Go for it. Your teacher is the best person to guide you.

Some tips to further enhance your composition. You have decided on the character of your composition. This was well-portrayed in line with the title. You have built the basic structure. Hence from now conjure up an interesting development. Explore further on bass line, inner harmonic lines, some decorative chords or melody – the list is endless. Some contrasting movements and moods can add color to the overall composition too. It is a good idea to create a ‘lift’ (for example, to go to a higher range at some point), and do not forget to aim for a well-judged point of climax and relaxation. Most importantly, you must listen critically to improve on your sound and composition.

Syabas dan tahniah kepada komposer dan guru. Ini adalah suatu pencapaian yang membanggakan!

Alice Chua
Music Educator | Arranger | Composer | Examiner
Author: Playing Piano is Fun (PpiF)

♫ ♫ ♫

A new look at the inspiration behind a composition.

For many years I have been talking to students, teachers and many others about the future of musical composition. I have always been influenced by artworks, sculptures, and natural environment to inspire the way I compose my pieces. This is certainly one of the most stimulating ways of composition.

When you listen to an artist playing an amazing piece of music, what are you looking at whilst they are performing? The way he or she is sitting? How they are using the pedal? Their facial expressions? Or are you just listening?

I suspect if you are honest you will probably say that your mind wanders around and your eyes are searching for a landing spot! However, if you have a visual simultaneous image to study at the same time as the performance, your imagination is likely to take over. It is similar to a film score.

The compositions you have all produced have told a story through a visual image, this is what you need to think about when composing. It will really help your musical imagination. Your pieces are vibrant and tells a story, so really excellent work.

I look forward to hearing further compositions from you all. Well done to all of you.

Practical and theory are not two entirely different, separate concepts. By incorporating theory with practical, the musician is able to develop a further understanding of the music, the ability to improvise or transpose certain passages to suit their style of playing, or to create their very own brand of accompaniment. - Helen Yeo, Musical Moments

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Music is connected in all elements. We cannot isolate a piece to teach without involving any aural awareness, and neither can we teach theory without ‘hearing’ the theory, (e.g. we have to hear the pitch of a sharpened note when we teach the accidental - sharp ‘#’). This cohesive organisation of thoughts and actions will make your lessons invaluable and interesting to your students. With it intertwined together, the lessons become ‘alive’ and musically enriching. — The ART of Teaching by Alice Chua

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The Holistic Development of a Child through Rhythm MAPS Programme

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Let’s move on together for a more ‘MUSICAL’ music education for the new generation. They deserve a better music education than ours!
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