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Mary Had A Little Lamb

Come, let us sing...

Music taken from Piano Lesson Made Easy Level 1
Or Step By Step Piano Course The Fun Way Step 1

Sing the song 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' that uses 3 notes, C, D and E (Solfège: Do Re Mi) only.

Mary had a little lamb, little lamb, little lamb.
Mary had a little lamb its fleece was white as snow.

Mi Re Do Re Mi Mi Mi – Re Re Re – Mi Mi Mi –
Mi Re Do Re Mi Mi Mi Do Re Re Mi Re Do – – –

Letter names:
E D C D E E E – D D D – E E E –
E D C D E E E C D D E D C – – –

Create your own rhythmic feel e.g. clap and sing this rhythm below:

Let's apply C and G chord to the improvised melody of Mary Had A Little Lamb. In the video clip below, two young students play this together. One plays the chords in Alberti bass accompaniment, while the other plays the improvised melody.

Taken from YMSD Improvisation Workshop 3

Click here for MP3 audio of the sample below:

Let's get the family involved and make music at home. Please click on Kid’s Percussion Band Workshop.

Please click here to write your own lyrics to the tune of 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' in the comment section.

Music theory:
- Music literacy is very important and being able to read music means you can explore any kind of music available today.
- This song 'Mary Had A Little Lamb' only uses 3 notes, C, D and E (Solfège: Do Re Mi) only.

Be A Young Composer. Click here to write a melody using C D E notes.

Card games:
- To recognize the note shapes, note types, note names and note values (the total number of beats in a semibreve, minim and crotchet etc). Please click on Card Games Made Easy.