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In Preparation For The Theory Examinations Grade 5

Theory Revision Workbook
Editor/Author: Lee Ching Ching
Grade: 5
Category: Theory
Publisher: Rhythm MP
Order No.: MPI-3001-05
Bar Code: 9 559679 855899
ISBN-10: 967-985-589-9
ISBN-13: 978 967985589 0
Total Pages: 48
Weight: 210g
Book Size: 225mm X 300mm
Binding: Limp Bound
Description: This book contains exercises which are organised in a progressive manner to help students revise more systematically. The exercises in each chapter are presented in the various formats which are commonly found in the theory examinations. In addition, the level of difficulty of the exercises is parallel to the standard of the questions in the examination so that the students are able to gauge their ability and thus be more receptive in the learning process. It is recommended that this book be used for revision after the theory syllabus is completed but before the students embark on the past-year examination papers.