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Step By Step Piano Course The Fun Way Step 2

Instrument: Piano
Category: Method
Publisher: Rhythm MP
Order No.: MPS-4001-02
Bar Code: 9 556811 101197
ISBN-10: 967-985-199-0
ISBN-13: 978 967985199 1
Total Pages: 56
Weight: 240g
Book Size: 225mm X 300mm
Binding: Limp Bound (limp thread sewn)
Series: Step by Step The Fun Way
Description: The Step 1-3 of Step series, hopes to provide a very sound foundation for reading, understanding and position shifts. It enables teachers to develop musicianship, finger technique (strength, independence, perfect legato and staccato, gradation (sharp contrasts of loud and soft first, and then getting louder and softer), recognition of basic key concepts, reinforcing reading in familiar keys with advances in other concepts (either tone, articulation or addition of new skills) and a clear feel of rhythm using familiar tunes and enjoyable "talk about" integration of theoretical and aural aspects. It is also hoped that with the familiar tunes parents also know, support and encouragement, so vital during these early stages will be given by them. This basic firm and "Step by Step" concept gradually frees out into the Classical world of styles and interpretation, not forgetting that major part of "Fun Pieces" still included at the back of every book for the enjoyment of the children and parents.

Geylang Si Paku Geylang (Folk Tune)
Finger Change
The Wheels Of The Bus
A B C Song
Mulberry Bush
Christmas Carol
The Clown / The Clown Dances
Small Aeroplane (小飞机)
Little Brother (小弟弟)
Vive L’Amour
Mountain Climbing
Little Grasshopper
Good King Wenceslas
Joy To The World
The Trishaw (三轮车) / My Guest Is Here (客人来)
The Old Woman In The Shoe
The Happy Seal
The Gold Fish
Skating And Gliding
Gentle Moments
The Car
The Swing
Down In The Valley
Hop And Glide
Home Sweet Home
Away In A Manger
Sharps And Flats!
1st Recital Piece
The Weather Man
Polly Wolly Doodle
Cuckoo Waltz
恭喜恭喜 (Congratulations)

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