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Adam György, Steinway Piano Artist

Steinway Artist: Adam Gyorgy
Piano Recital
at Bentley Music Auditorium, Wisma Bentley Music
on Saturday, 16 April 2011
at 8:00PM
Recital pass: RM85 per person (before 4 April 2011)
Group above 20 persons: RM75 per person
After 4 April 2011: RM95 per person

Adam Gyorgy is regarded as one of the best Liszt players in the world, and the Liszt ambassador in his home country, Hungary. He is also known for his inspirational improvisations on his recitals. He performs his best repertoire at the Esplanade Concert Hall, including the famous Liszt Sonata in b minor, as well as virtuoso Liszt Transcriptions, etudes and Rhapsodies, and his own improvisations. In 2005, Adam was invited to join the Steinway community, a single honor that places him in the company of the greatest pianists of all time. This recognition led him to his debut at New York's famed Carnegie Hall in 2008, where he played to a full house. From Prodigy to Liszt ambassador, Adam Gyorgy enchants audiences everywhere he performs. His virtuosity and his sensitive interpretations have won him critical acclaim awards and built him a fan base worldwide.

Improvisations by Adam Gyorgy
• F. Liszt: Sonata in B Minor
• F. Chopin: Ballade in G Minor (Op. 23)
• F. Liszt: Rigoletto Paraphrase
• F. Liszt: La Campanella
• F. Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No.2

Please RSVP by texting Benjamin at +60142688807 or email at or by 10 April 2011.

Wisma Bentley Music (opposite to TESCO)
No.3, Jln PJU 7/2, Mutiara Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. Phone: +603-7727 3333 ext. 623 Fax: +603-7726 3328


Piano Workshop
at Wisma Bentley Music, Mutiara Damansara
on Thursday, 27 November 2008
at 10:00AM - 1:00PM
RM50 per person

Adam György plays Wedding March at the Liszt Academy of Music, Budapest

Piano Recital
at Wisma Bentley Music, Mutiara Damansara
on Friday, 28 November 2008
at 8:30PM
RM30 per person

Concert Programme:
Gyorgy: Improvisation on Well-known Tunes
J.S. Bach / Egon Petri: Sheep may safely graze
J.S. Bach / Myra Hess: Jesu, Joy of Man’s Desiring
Chopin: Ballade in G minor (op. 23)
Liszt: Rigoletto Paraphrase
Liszt: La Campanella
Mendelssohn / Liszt / Horowitz / Gyorgy: Wedding March
Liszt: Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2

Welcome to Adam György's World
"Some people say we have to break down the walls between classical and popular music. I would say we don't need to break them down, because there are no walls. My goal is to show that music is a language that can communicate our thoughts and emotions better than any other way in this world; it is simply music, with a message to deliver and with emotions to explain."

The story
When Adam was a young boy, he drew everything upside down. His worried parents took him to a doctor. The doctor decided there was something wrong with him, but was unable to diagnose the problem. His father, who was determined to understand why his son was different, watched Adam carefully.

One day he sat opposite Adam and asked him to draw a house. As the house began to take shape, Adam's father realized that although his son was drawing the house upside-down, he was able to see it right side up. At that moment he realized that Adam was drawing everything in a way that best displayed his drawing to the viewer.

This ability to see things from a different perspective was proof of Adam's natural inclination to perform, and revealed a thoughtful regard for how best to communicate with his audience.

Today, Adam communicates through his music in the same way as he drew as a child; with the understanding that the audience, the listener, is an active participant in bringing the music to life.

Adam was accepted to the Béla Bartók Conservatory as a prodigy in 1994, at the age of 12. He flourished under the tutelage of his piano teacher, Katalin Halmagyi, who continues to be his mentor and a key member of his creative team. In 1998 he won the National Youth Piano Competition, and two years later won Hungary's Pianist 2000 award at the age of 18. He was accepted at the Franz Liszt Academy of Music in Budapest in 2000 and studied under Professors György Nador and Balazs Reti. He graduated in 2006 and is currently doing his doctoral studies at the Liszt Academy with a state scholarship.

A Rising Star
In 2002 Adam won the Vienna Classics Prize (Wiener-Klassik-Preis) with his outstanding interpretation of Haydn's Sonata in G major (No. 54). In 2003 he won the Special Prize at the San Remo International Piano Competition, and in 2004 he won all prizes (First Prize, Grand Prize and Special Prize) at the First International Chopin Piano Competition in Budapest. That same year, CNN World Report identified him as a “rising star.”

In 2005 Adam was invited to the Steinway Artist community, a signal honor that places him in the company of the greatest pianists of all time, including Vladimir Horowitz, Artur Rubinstein, Krystian Zimmerman.

On October 22, 2006 Adam debuted at New York's Carnegie Hall to great acclaim. He continues to tour the world, delighting audiences in the United States, Europe and Southeast Asia with his virtuosity, his charm, and his improvisations on well-known melodies, all of which invite comparisons to the incomparable Franz Liszt.

The Artis's Creative Team
A supportive and dedicated group stands behind Adam’s success. He credits his teachers Katalin Halmagyi, György Nador, and Balazs Reti with the artistic direction of his concerts. His management team, led by his brother Laszlo György, books his concerts and handles publicity.

The Sky is the limit
There is another story about the young Adam György that reveals his unique perspective on life. As a boy, he believed he could fly. He would run from room to room, picking up speed, before throwing himself into the air and crashing to the ground. His parents tried to explain to him that it was impossible to fly, but he did not believe them. In the end, though, he has proven that it is possible. He flies on the wings of music without limits and his only wish is to take his audience with him.

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