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Concert of Sacred Music with Choir and Orchestra

Date: August 9, 2008

Dear Brothers & Sisters in Christ,

RE: Concert on Sacred Music with Choir & Orchestra

Shalom! May the grace of God be with you always!

The Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary is pleased to announce a “Concert of Sacred Music with Choir and Orchestra” by the 120-strong Choir and Pipe and String Orchestra of the Kowloon Baptist Church, HongKong on 17 August 2008 at 8:00 pm. The venue is Penang Christian Centre, 1 Jalan Khaw Sim Bee.

The concert team formed by music professor was originally scheduled to perform in Beijing, but the trip was cancelled by the authorities (probably due to the Olympics). As a result, at the last minute, the team decided to come to Malaysia instead. They will be performing in Kuala Lumpur on the 15th and 16th August, before coming to Penang. We apologise for this short notice.

We enclose herewith the flyer of the concert (MusicalNIte4.pdf). Please come and join us and invite your friends to attend. Admission is free. Let us together to hear the choir and orchestra praising and glorifying God and proclaiming God’s love with their beautiful voices and music. Should you need further information, please contact my assistant, Ms. Tan Mei Ying (Tel: 04-881 2246, email: or Ms. Lim Chia Yee (Tel: 04-881 1223, email:

We sincerely appreciate your support and partnership.

Dr. John Ong
President, Malaysia Baptist Theological Seminary

日期 :2008年8月9日



本院谨订于二零零八年八月十七日(星期日),晚上八时正假槟城基督徒中心(Penang Christian Centre, 1, Jalan Khaw Sim Bee)举行「圣乐交响乐晚会」。「香港九龙城浸信会」的一百廿人诗班及交响乐队将为大家演出;他们以优雅的歌声及美妙的旋律来述说神的尊贵与荣美!请勿错过!




並祝 蒙恩、蒙福

王美锺 博士

马来西亚浸信会神学院 院长