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The Holistic Development of a Child through Rhythm MAPS Programme

Young Violinist's Repertoire Book 2

Editor/Author: Paul de Keyser
Instrument: Violin & Piano
Category: Repertoire
Arrangement: Violin & Piano Arrangement
Publisher: Faber Music
Order No.: MFY-50657
Bar Code: 9 780571 506576
ISBN: 0-571-50657-7
Total Pages: 28
Weight: 150g
Book Size: 226mm X 287mm
Binding: Stapling
Description: This book is a direct continuation of book one, helping young instrumentalists to enjoy making music together. As with book one the violin parts are all in first position and the piano parts are interesting without making unreasonable technical demands. The pieces in this book are longer and a little more advanced than those in book one and they are arranged in approximate chronological order.