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The Holistic Development of a Child through Rhythm MAPS Programme

Microjazz Collection 1

Graded piano pieces & exercises in popular styles
Editor/Author: Christopher Norton
Level: 3
Instrument: Piano
Arrangement: Piano Arrangement
Category: Repertoire & Studies
Publisher: Boosey & Hawkes
Order No.: BH-10646
Bar Code: 9 790060 106460
ISBN: M-060-10646-0
Total Pages: 64
Weight: 220g
Book Size: 229 X 305
Binding: Stapling
Description: The Microjazz Collection 1 contains the 24 pieces that were originally published as Microjazz for Starters 1 and Microjazz for Starters 2, as well as four brand-new pieces that are published here for the first time.

In The Microjazz Collection 1, the pieces are printed in order of difficulty. Each one is preceded by a Microstudy, a set of simple exercises designed to develop the technique and co-ordination necessary to play Microjazz. Each technical and rhythmic feature encountered in a piece is dealt with, in order, in the preceding Microstudy. The Microstudies should be counted aloud wherever possible, particularly the tapped exercises, which can be practised with flat palms on knees, on the piano lid, or on any flat surface. It will help to start slowly, and only increase the speed once the co-ordination between right and left hands feels natural - then playing the piece should feel much easier.

The pieces in The Microjazz Collection 1 are designed to be enjoyed, and are meant to be performed in front of an audience - family, friends, other students, or whoever can be found!

This book forms part of a complete Microjazz piano scheme which starts at the very first lesson with Microjazz for Absolute Beginners (level 1) and progresses to The Microjazz Collection 3 (level 5). A disk of midi accompaniment files is also available for this book. It contains complete performances and backing tracks for all the pieces.