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The Holistic Development of a Child through Rhythm MAPS Programme

The Art of Beethoven

In a set of 2 volume
Editor/Author: Peter Dimond
Grade: 8 onwards
Category: Reference
Publisher: Rhythm MP
Order No.: MPA-4004
Bar Code: 9 555170 413132
ISBN-10: 967-985-367-5 (volume 1) 967-985-368-3 (volume 2)
ISBN-13: 978 967985367 4 (volume 1) 978 967985368 1 (volume 2)
Total Pages: 132 (volume 1) 152 (volume 2)
Weight: 1040g
Book Size: 195mm X 265mm
Binding: Limp Bound
Description: As the title implies these books are about Beethoven's music. It is biographical only in as far as the events of Beethoven's life impinge upon his creative output. The approach to Beethoven's music is somewhat novel since these books attempt to treat the works of Beethoven in the order in which they were written, as far as it is possible to establish such a chronology. The books in this way charts Beethoven's creative development as it is expressed in the continuity of his output, and this method often reveals connections between works not usually associated with one another. There are full discussions of all the major works as well as of those which are rarely heard. Beethoven's attitudes towards structure and key relationships are fully covered as well as his handling of instruments and voices. These books also includes considered judgements on the quality of the music. These books are intended for the serious music student as well as for the amateur who wishes to know more about this perennially fascinating subject.