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Jazzin' About Styles Piano

Editor/Author: Pam Wedgwood
Grade: 0-2
Instrument: Piano
Arrangement: Piano Arrangement
Category: Repertoire
Publisher: Faber Music
Order No.: MFJ-51718
Bar Code: 9 780571 517183
ISBN: 0-571-51718-8
Total Pages: 24
Weight: 120g
Book Size: 230mm X 305mm
Binding: Stapling
Series: Jazzin' About
Description: Cool syncopation, funky riffs and smooth, stylish tunes - from dynamic to nostalgic, Pam Wedgwood's series has it all. 'Jazzin' About Styles' is a vibrant collection of original pieces in a range of contemporary styles, tailor-made for the absolute beginner (grade 0-2). So take a break from the classics and get into the groove as you cruise from blues, to rock, to jazz.

Play That Banjo!
Big Band Boogie
St George and the Dragon
Up and Away!
There ain't no beer in Cow-Horn Creek!
Easy Life
No Fixed Address
Shoe-Shine Rag
On the Rocks!
Street Place
New World
Chocolate Car-Park
Homeward Bound