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Green Jazzin' About Piano

Editor/Author: Pam Wedgwood
Grade: 4-5
Instrument: Piano
Category: Jazz
Arrangement: Piano Arrangement
Publisher: Faber Music
Order No.: MFJ-51645
Bar Code: 9 780571 516452
ISBN: 0-571-51645-9
Total Pages: 24
Weight: 120g
Book Size: 230mm X 305mm
Binding: Stapling
Series: Jazzin' About
Description: Cool syncopation, funky riffs and smooth, stylish tunes - from dynamic to nostalgic, Pam Wedgwood's series has it all. Green Jazzin' About is a vibrant collection of original pieces, based on environmental themes. It covers a range of contemporary styles in pieces that are tailor-made for the absolute beginner. So take a break from the classics and get into the groove as you cruise from blues, to rock, to jazz.

In the O Zone
Save the Whale Waltz
Lead-free lament
Bottle Bank Boogie
Keep Cool
Litter-bin Blues
Rain Forest Fiesta
Recycled Rag
Green is Beautiful
Rock-on Wildlife