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Fast Forward: 12-Bar Blues Piano Book & CD

Editor/Author: Jack Long
Grade: 5
Instrument: Piano
Category: Method
Publisher: Wise
Order No.: AM971036
Bar Code: 9 780711 989368
ISBN: 0-7119-8936-2
Total Pages: 64
Weight: 290g
Book Size: 225mm X 300mm
Binding: Stapling
Series: Fast Forward
Description: The “Fast Forward: 12-Bar Blues Piano Book & CD” is unique in the sense that it contains basic blues structures & techniques from original blues to jazz & rock piano. It also contains left hand styles of boogie piano, stride piano and walking bass styles. All this comes with an accompaniment CD that provides a band accompaniment that sounds in the era of the style. All examples in the book are provided with a matching audio track for you to play along. By simply practicing the riffs and examples, you will be able to apply these examples and improvise with ease to any piece you wish. If you have been classically trined and wish you could improvise or prepare students for improvisation, then this is the book for you, as it does not need to go into the very depth of understanding improvisation.