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Eta Cohen’s: Violin Method Student’s Book 1

Editor/Author: Eta Cohen
Instrument: Violin
Category: Method
Publisher: Novello and Co Ltd
Order No.: NOV916212
Bar Code: 9 780711 992405
ISBN: 0-71199-240-1
Total Pages: 32
Weight: 150g
Book Size: 227 X 303
Binding: Stapping
Description: ETA COHEN is an internationally famous violin teacher, giving lectures and demonstrations in Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand. Her pupils have consistently gained the highest awards in both solo playing and chamber music and many are now professional musicians. This highly respected, best-selling violin course is used all over the world. Ideal for group or individual tuition with children of all ages, as well as adult beginners. It offers a practical foundation in good playing techniques, based around a wealth of well-known melodies.
This book is divided into 30 'steps'. There is no inflexible rule about the speed at which pupils should progress - it will vary according to ability and size of class. Each stage should be thoroughly assimilated and understood before moving forward.